St Barnabas Jericho

Singing opportunities for boys and girls age 7-16!


Learn to sing your heart out as a St Barnabas chorister!

We sing great music in a beautiful place, and have fun learning. We practice every week in school term, and sing publicly at the main Sunday service once a month, plus Christmas carol services and occasional special events. After training, full choristers get £1 pocket money for each attendance and there are bonuses for consistent attendance, performance and behaviour.

What do you gain from being a chorister?

Choristers receive a wonderful musical education working as part of a team and get to explore faith and spirituality within a supportive community. Regular singing helps boost achievement in other areas of life, including school and creative pursuits. More importantly you will learn a skill which can become a source of enjoyment for the rest of your life! There may also be opportunities to begin learning the organ or another instrument.


Who can join?

Anyone who has a pleasant voice which they are not afraid for people to hear. We welcome both boys and girls: both if you have never been to church before and for those who already go to Church.

You will be able to learn music theory and if you want to learn more about what Church means and about Christianity, that will all be available as well.

How do practices and services work?

Practices are fun and enjoyable times. During our time together we sing together as a large group, learning exciting new pieces, but we also work in smaller groups on: theory, Voice for Life training, voice production and singing technique, and occasionally choir members are offered free singing lessons. The atmosphere at rehearsals is fun, friendly and unpressured. Singing on Sunday mornings once a month is the main reason to be a chorister and is a very important commitment. This is the chance to perform alongside our adult choir and experience performing the music for an appreciative congregation during the church service it was intended for.


Once to submit the application, we will be in touch and invite you to come and meet with us and have an informal practice at singing.

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