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An evening of music and words with Ensemble Hesperi: "London's Musical Coalman - inside Thomas Britton's Attic"

We are delighted to announce a unique concert at St Barnabas with the leading early music ensemble, ‘Ensemble Hesperi’, who will be performing in aid of the St Barnabas Jericho Organ Development Fund.

Admission is free, but we will ask for a retiring collection.

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London’s Musical Coalman: inside Thomas Britton’s attic

“We paint a picture of London’s vibrant musical scene in the early 1700s, through the lens of the extraordinary coal merchant Thomas Britton, one of London’s first concert promoters. His musical evenings, hosted in his small coal-loft in Clerkenwell, attracted the best performers and composers of the day, including Handel himself. At this time, musicians were pouring into London from both within the British Isles and from Europe to enjoy the rich opportunities for theatre work and private patronage. The Italian style of composition, pioneered by Corelli, was the height of fashion, and Italian musicians, struggling to make ends meet at home, increasingly settled in London, introducing the capital to Italian opera, chamber music, and virtuosic solo repertoire. Similarly, Scottish composers such as James Oswald and the eccentric aristocratic musician 'Fiddler Tam', the 6th Earl of Kellie, visited and settled in London, where they capitalised on the fashion for the 'Scotch taste'. Our programme features music by several of the musicians who performed in Britton’s long-running concert series, including Handel himself, Italian virtuosi such as Bononcini, Handel’s rival, and the enigmatic Sammartini brothers - and of course more Scottish Baroque delights from James Oswald and his enigmatic circle of friends, 'The Temple of Apollo'“

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